Ontario and Clalit Research Institute Aim to Improve Patient Care Outcomes with Innovative Research Collaboration

Ontario is partnering with Clalit Health Services and its Research Institute to improve patient care and health outcomes through reliable data-driven research programs.

Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, was in Israel this month to establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which will foster collaborative programs that include joint research projects with Clalit Health Services to identify health-related issues greatly affecting patients in Ontario.

“By enhancing our ability to use quality evidence-based data and research to make better health policy decisions, we can improve the well-being of patients in our communities,” said Hoskins. “This partnership will allow us to share vital knowledge and information that can vastly impact the outcome of care for our patients in a positive way.”

“We see great potential and exciting opportunities in this collaboration”, adds Prof. Ran Balicer, Director of the Clalit Research Institute. “By joining forces in policy planning, data science and innovation, we can improve our capacity to provide more effective, efficient and patient-centered care to our populations. The challenges that the healthcare systems are facing are remarkably similar, and we can find new and better ways to tackle them, together.”

Clalit Health Services is Israel’s largest provider-payer health system which established the Clalit Research Institute. The Institute’s mission is to turn data into decision-making insights that can be translated into policies for transforming healthcare delivery and clinical practice. The non-profit integrated care organization serves over four million patients, which is more than half of Israel’s population.

In addition to joint research projects, the MOU encourages participation in joint seminars, academic meetings and programs, as well as, an exchange of academic materials, publications and ideas.