Event: 25th Conference of the Israeli Society for Quality in Healthcare – Tel Aviv, Israel

The 25th Conference of the Israeli Soceity for Quality in Healthcare

Tel Aviv, Israel, 2018


Topics presented:

  • Presentation: The relationship between inpatient hyperglycemia and mortality is modified by a history of diabetes


  • Presentation: Using decision trees to examine patient experience surveys: Hidden insights to strengthen patients’ feelings that they are in good hands


  • Presentation: Association of bariatric surgery with all-cause mortality and other clinical outcomes


  • Presentation: Disparity reduction in diabetes control: Ramadan Conversation Map Program¬†as an intervention tool to improve diabetes outcomes following the fasting month of Ramadan


  • Poster: Readmission risk score from a computerized model and the assessment of the readmission risk by hospital team: Is there a match between the two?


For more information, see the association’s website here (in Hebrew).