Clalit Research Institute wins 1st place in the NEJM SPRINT Challenge for its individualized treatment decision tool

Congratulations to our SPRINT Challenge team, led by Dr. Noa Dagan, that won 1st place among 143 teams.


Treating physicians do not have the tools to determine the applicability of clinical trial results to their individual patients. As part of the New England Journal of Medicine SPRINT Challenge, we developed a personalized decision support tool prototype for deciding on hypertension treatment intensity, which considers both the predicted benefits and harms.

Our tool found that 1 in every 4 of the people previously recommended for intensive treatment, may actually be better off without it. If adopted, this tool and methodology can be used in the same way for all clinical trial results, by analyzing study findings for patients’ individual impact. As a prototype for potential application within Clalit’s EHR system, this tool would enable efficient, personalized and evidence-based clinical decision making.


Team members, left to right and top to bottom: Eitan Bachmat, Amichay Akriv, Tomas Karpati, Ilan Gofer, Eduardo Podjarny, Meytal Avgil Tsadok, Moshe Hoshen, Noa Dagan, Ran Balicer. (Not pictured: Morton Leibowitz)


This project was presented as part of the NEJM ‘Aligning Incentives’ Web Event on April 3rd 2017.

Professor Balicer’s presentation from the Aligning Incentives’ Event is available, here >

Our team’s after-presentation interview is available, here >

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