Population Health Epidemiology

The population-based data allows for the identification of trends in incidence, prevalence, severity and mortality of key health conditions. This type of long-term and ongoing surveillance for trends in both infectious and non-communicable diseases enables policy intervention and helps to guide local (and potentially, regional and global) policy and decision-making.

Epidemiological studies can provide a firm base for the improvement of medical treatments, procedures, and for the design of extensive medical services with positive, long-lasting influences on a community’s health. Results of such studies often serve as a reliable, necessary base for promoting clinical research to test novel treatment methods regarding technological developments in a wide range of medical care.

Clalit Health Services has a comprehensive health care data warehouse, which combines hospital and community medical records, laboratory and imaging information, pharmaceutical records, costs, and vital statistics of all members. This wealth of longitudinally collected medical information provides a unique opportunity for clinical research and for the discovery of innovative insight to improve healthcare practices and procedures worldwide.