Israel’s health funds (similar to HMOs) are the backbone of the country’s healthcare system, and have been developing AI systems for years. Clalit has an extensive, two decade long database comprised up fully integrated electronic health records.
Clalit Research Institute is committed to providing patients with proactive, personalized, hybrid, and asynchronous medicine, all of which have been critical during the COVID-19 crisis in Israel.
Israeli society as a whole has benefitted from Clalit Research Institute’s quick creation and implementation of predictive models and related projects. These developments have informed and continue to inform decision makers on various topics related to COVID-19, including patients at highest risk, how and when to return to the new norm of daily life, and the best ways to test for COVID-19.

The Clalit Research Institute has developed the following predictive models that have assisted in the fight against COVID-19:

The Points Model

At-Risk Patient Identification

GIS Model

Geographic Prediction

Hospital prediction

Hospital Severe Patients Prediction

The Clalit Research Institute has been following the rate of COVID-19 infections among its members, vaccinated and unvaccinated. The Clalit Research Institute was the first to show results of the Pfizer vaccine.