Health Disparities

Health disparities reduction strategy through targeted quality improvement


The implementation and evaluation of a quality improvement-based targeted disparity reduction strategy that significantly reduced health disparities in a wide range of clinical domains among disadvantaged populations.

Context and Aims

Reducing racial and ethnic disparities in health and health care has been a long-standing goal of health care systems worldwide; however, it has yet to be demonstrated if interventions can sustain positive results for a broad array of health conditions. The objectives of this project were to implement and assess an organization-wide quality improvement (QI) disparity reduction intervention and its sustainability over three years.

Research Approach

This study focused on the implementation and evaluation of a strategy that incorporated targeted disparity reduction into quality improvement efforts. The strategy entailed locally tailored disparity reduction interventions implemented within a QI framework to reduce health disparities while improving the quality of care among disadvantaged populations.

The disparity reduction intervention included complementary top-down and bottom-up components. The top-down approach encompassed quality target setting and monitoring, the provision of supportive health information technology tools, and the direct involvement of the chief executive officer. The bottom-up approach incorporated clinic-specific policy changes, intra-organizational professional training in teamwork and specific clinical areas, and culturally tailored interventions according to the specific needs of the local population.


Health disparities graph

Key Findings and/or Potential Impact

The 36-month disparity-reduction efforts yielded scalable improvement in health outcomes and process measures, a narrowed health disparity gap (about two-thirds) from the pre-intervention period, and sustainable results that were measured one year post-intervention.

Quality improvement can achieve significant reduction in disparities in a wide range of clinical domains, which can be sustained over time.




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