Communicable Diseases

We track rates of infectious disease to conduct studies on real-world effectiveness, comparative effectiveness, disease burden, and to be able to identify opportunities for screening and prevention.

Hepatitis C Virus

A real-world treatment effectiveness evaluation and observed incidence and prevalence of HCV in a general population to inform future screening efforts and treatment options.

Pneumococcal vaccine

A real-world effectiveness study of the pneumococcal vaccine (PPSV23) and assessment of various vaccine strategies including a population-customized risk model.


Clalit has an extensive, two-decades-long database of full-integrated electronic health records.
This allowed us to develop the predictive models that have assisted us in the fight against the coronavirus
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 Influenza Vaccine

Three real-world effectiveness studies are taking place with the US CDC, to evaluate the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine in three higher risk populations.