Our Team


Clalit Research Institute brings together an international team of clinicians, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, data scientists, algorithm specialists, and public health experts from various countries across the globe.

The Institute’s staff is augmented by affiliated clinicians from Clalit Health Services hospitals and primary care centers, who initiate and perform advanced studies with the Institute’s support.

  • Members of our team hold PhDs in epidemiology, multimorbidity, neuroscience, public health, medical informatics, machine learning, reproductive health, nursing, pharmacology, technology and information systems, healthcare administration, and health promotion.
  • Clinicians on our team have specializations in multiple clinical areas, including internal medicine, cardiology, pediatrics, psychiatry, public health, endocrinology, and infectious disease.
  • Data scientists on our team have backgrounds in medicine, public health, information management, finance, marketing, economics, computer science, computer engineering, and business analysis.
  • Additional team members hold advanced degrees in the fields of public health, molecular genetics, statistics, business, health policy and management, environmental health, health economics, and disaster and emergency management.
  • Our team also includes medical students, doctoral students, and post-doctoral fellows.